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    Air Purifier Tips for a Healthy Home

    Alen Air Purifiers are designed to transform the air quality inside your home by removing allergens and impurities from the air you breathe. To receive the greatest benefit from using an air purifier, Alen recommends complementary practices to manage your indoor air. Read more to learn how you can utilize Alen products to their fullest potential to create a healthy home.

    Using Alen Air Purifiers:
    Room by Room Guide for Alen Air Purifiers
    Different Alen Air Purifiers are beneficial in different areas of your environment. Understanding where to place each unit is important in providing you and your family the greatest relief. Use this guide to see where in your home different Alen Air Purifiers will benefit you best.
    Alen Air Purifiers Best Practices
    Purchasing air purifiers for your indoor environment is an investment in your health, and it is important to use your air purifiers properly. To ensure you receive the greatest benefit from your air purifiers with great tips, read more.
    Complementary Practices to Your Alen Air Purifiers
    After purchasing Alen Air Purifiers, we hope you are experiencing the benefits of breathing pure, healthy air. Along with air purifiers, there are other complementary practices you can add to your routine to ensure you have the highest air quality level possible. Read to learn more.
    Living Better Made Easy with AutoShip
    Over time, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) style filters become overloaded with allergens and particles, decreasing filtration performance. To ensure your Alen Air Purifiers run efficiently and effectively, Alen recommends regular filter replacements. Alen makes this easy with our AutoShip Filter Plan. Learn how AutoShip keeps your air purifiers performing at their best, saving you time and money.
    Give Your Home an Allergy Makeover with Alen Air Purifiers
    Along with complementary practices, Alen Air Purifiers are a great way to improve the indoor air quality in your home. By adding simple steps to your cleaning process, you could see a significant decrease in allergy symptoms. Read more to see how you can give your home an allergy makeover.

    Complementary Methods:
    Managing your Allergies
    Are you interested in what you can do in your home to improve your allergies beyond Alen Air Purifiers? To learn complementary practices for your health and your home, read more.
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