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    A375 HEPA-Silver Replacement Filter: BF25A-Silver
    A375 HEPA-Silver Replacement Filter: BF25A-Silver
    A375 HEPA-Silver Replacement Filter: BF25A-Silver
    A375 HEPA-Silver Replacement Filter: BF25A-Silver



    A375 HEPA-Silver Replacement Filter: BF25A-Silver

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    RM749.00 MYR

    Product Description

    Polluted air first passes through Alen's washable Pre-Filter to capture large particles, extending the life of the filter.  In the second layer, air moves through a unique, H12 Grade HEPA filter that attracts and captures dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne pollutants.  In the final layer, clean air passes through a layer of Alen's Activated Carbon, reducing light odors and chemicals commonly found in the air from cleaning products, smoke, cooking, pets and various other household materials. 




      Customized For Concern

      Our long-lasting antimicrobial True HEPA filters cover all major concerns: Allergies, dust, mold, bacteria, and VOCs, plus odors from cooking, pets, diapers, and sweaty apparel. Alen’s proprietary antimicrobial treatment kills bacteria and inhibits mold and fungi, while our exclusive nontoxic odor-eliminating technology destroys unwanted smells at the molecular level.

      Lifetime Peace Of Mind

      When you purchase an Alen air purifier, we proudly support it with the industry’s first and only lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong, our in-house experts will help you solve the problem. If they can’t, we’ll happily ship you a free replacement—fast!

      Discover Better Rest

      The BreatheSmart Classic is incredibly quiet, and perfectly tuned to generate soothing pink noise—a frequency shown to help you sleep up to 25% better. At bedtime, display lighting darkens completely with one touch for a perfect sleeping environment.


      Filtration rate (TSE - Total System Efficiency)

      Removes 99.9% of particles greater than 0.3 microns. 99.0% less than 0.3 microns

      Fan Speed



      Max. 95m2 (1000 sqft)

      Air Flow

      Lowest: 150CFM
      Highest: 270CFM

      Noise levels

      34 dB - 49 dB

      Power Consumption

      64 watts on highest speed

      Power Supply

      220V ~ 50-60hz

      Filter Life

      12-18 months


      56.5 x 42.5 x 26.5 (cm)


      7.25kg (8.3kg packaged)

      What's In The Box

      BreatheSmart F7000 air purifier

      HEPA-Silver OR HEPA-Silver-Carbon Filter

      White Front Panel

      British Type G Power Cable

      Child Safety Grill

      Quick start guide

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